20th August 2021

Hampshire Open Studios

It has been a privilege to, again, be framing for artists participating in the Hampshire Open Studios event From 21st-30th August. I was particularly pleased to be asked to frame a drawing by Romsey Artist Elizabeth Hammond. I always appreciate skill and technical ability, and when used to create a different way of looking at objects and nature, it helps me enjoy things in a new light. Good luck to all the Exhibitors in the Open Studios. I feel sure Elizabeth’s drawing, at the Spudworks in Sway, will be someone’s cup of err... otter!

I have finally finished a project I started over two years ago. Having learned a little about the Golden Ratio and my interest having been amplified by Mario Livio's book, I decided to create a web page that would enable the user to input the dimensions of a picture and have the border width of a window mount be given, so that the area of the picture is in the Golden Ratio with the window mount. Thanks to Laura the mathematician, and Nigel the website wizard, for help in putting it together. Use the calculator here.


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