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Autumn Exhibition in Salisbury.

It is always a pleasure to frame work for my friend and neighbour Jamie Cowie-Shaw. Working mostly with Indian ink and acrylic glazing on watercolour paper, Jamie specialises in painting local historical architecture, but has a diverse range of other subjects. Jamie's work is currently exhibited at Henderson's Artisan Bakery & Cafe on the west side of the Market Place in Salisbury. An ideal venue to enjoy a snack or lunch while in the City Centre.

This week I broke my record for the largest piece I have framed. It was a textile batik from Sri Lanka (in the picture it is wrapped, ready for collection). It's fun to be challenged in ones chosen craft! One man micro-business's like mine, often market themselves for "no job too small".Having use of a spacious workshop, I now have the confidence to tackle the big jobs, although the day may come when I have to say: "too big!"