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Choosing the right wood for the frame.

I began making Picture Frames twenty years ago, as a hobby. At that time I worked with trees. I used a machine to convert suitable tree cuttings (usually oak, ash, beech and a few other native species), into strips, which I then planed and rebated, ready for frame making.
It was while attending an inspirational "Woodland to Workshop" training event that I decided to take the plunge and start my framing business.
Fortunately I am now able to source these native hardwood mouldings, ready made in a wide variety of profiles, which allows me to concentrate on the framing process. Now I also use a selection of non-native species that are commonly used in the framing industry. I particularly like Obeche and Tulipwood, both of which are light, easy to cut and join, and can be hand painted for a smooth and effective finish. I recently framed the two paintings of Venice, pictured below (by Romsey artist Lynne Reeves).
They are made with Tulipwood and hand painted.

Actually there are many different woods that can be used, with differing properties and lots of finishes that can be applied. Then there are pre-decorated, and aluminium mouldings, so it seems that as time goes on, the choice I offer my customers grows and grows!

As my own Framing skills develop I hope the content of my "learn Picture Framing" courses also become more refined and helpful.
I greatly look forward to starting a new course at the Salisbury Campus of Wiltshire College,
beginning on 19th September.
For full details:
Click the Framing Course tab above or follow this:link.