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Picture Framing Course at Eastleigh College.

Shortly after starting my business in 2011, I was given the opportunity to teach Picture Framing as a ten hour course at Eastleigh College (5 x 2hrs).Since then the course has run regularly. Details here. During the ten hours the students design and make a picture frame, having learned how to cut and assemble the various components.
This week I have been planning lessons for an additional "follow up" course that is running for the first time. Details here. Building on basic framing skills, the new course will include:
More advanced art mounting and dry mounting techniques. Finishing bare wood frames with waxes, oils and paints.
specialist tips and tricks for a variety of unusual framing tasks. Guidance on Picture Framing as a home based business.

I am delighted to be introducing a follow up course at Eastleigh College and am planning courses at other venues. There are many benefits for me, from teaching Picture Framing. It forces me to have a professional, accurate, coherent and organized approach to the subject, that feeds back to my workshop. Teaching has given me an audience and local profile, that has helped establish me as a go-to person in a niche market. I also enjoy working with and meeting people. It is very rewarding to receive good feedback. And the wee bit additional income also helps!