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framing three-dimensional objects.

One of the exciting and challenging aspects of framing is being asked to frame three-dimensional objects. This kind of framing requires creative and often innovative design ideas. There is a demand for object framing all kinds of heirlooms, memorabilia and hobby collections. Last week I framed a collection of traditional Lacemaking Bobbins (pictured). Made from bone, each one is uniquely decorated with beautifully carved designs and inscriptions. My customer was delighted to be able to display the collection.
It is difficult to find gift ideas for my ninety one year old father. This Christmas I hope he will enjoy having his fathers First World War medals having been framed. I was pleased with the result. Often with framing, there is much to be said for keeping it simple.
My Grandfather lied about his age and went off to the Great War in 1914, aged fifteen.

I am happy to say that I can now offer my customers an extensive range of aluminium frames. They have an attractive range of colours and a visual simplicity that make them a fine choice for certain decors and design ideas.