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No news, is good news.

One reason I am slow in updating my blog, is that I really don't have much new to tell! Fortunately I am always busy and most of my time is spent keeping up with demand for my service. This week really felt like Spring had arrived and I was put in the mood for the better weather by framing a large retro poster encouraging us to "visit the seaside". As ever I enjoy framing for local artists and crafts people. I feel artists can appreciate the work that goes into framing and often take a more active and creative approach to the frame design. So it was with the pet portrait pictured below. I thought the "inlaid" effect and hand painted finish complemented the piece well.
So I shall continue as I have been doing. I am full of grand plans and ideas for my business, but I am short of time to implement them. The important thing is to concentrate on developing and improving the core service. Keep Calm and Carry on Framing!