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Getting Things Done!

At last I have I have got around to updating my blog. My main excuse for leaving it so long is that I have been very busy fulfilling work commitments and progressing ongoing projects. There is now a feeling of spring in the air, and with the sense of rebirth that brings, together with what I have learned from reading the excellent book "Getting Things Done" by David Allen, I feel sure this website will be updated more regularly in future!
This week I have modified my online shop, where I sell original paintings and fine art prints. For convenience I now sell these artworks through Ebay. I hope this will evolve into an increasing part of my business.
Next week I am pleased to be starting my latest five week Picture Framing course at Eastleigh College. I always enjoy these courses. Whereas most other professional picture framers probably regard the hobbyist as an irrelevance or threat, I welcome the opportunity to be of help and encouragement, because that is how I started framing. It seems likely that I will also be teaching a course, later in the year, at Wiltshire College in Salisbury.

The most interesting and challenging art I framed this week was an antiquarian middle-eastern astronomical chart. As ever, it is often the customer's choice of colours and design that can make a finished piece stand out. Here, Float mounting the chart to display the worn edges, together with the simple gold frame and mount, I feel, complemented and harmonized well, with the art.