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David Cook Exhibition.

It was a recent pleasure to frame twenty four paintings for Romsey artist David Cook who has an exhibition of his latest paintings at the Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Totton until the 27th of March. I expect David's work would usually be categorized in the "abstract" genre. I enjoy the colours and textures of his paintings, composed in a way that gives me a positive vibe, that provokes an ambient contemplative calm. David's design of "floating" the canvasses in the frames, and using a relatively wide "astral White" mount and flat monochrome grey frame, for the smaller pieces, helped create a visual "breathing space" that makes the art complementary, juxtaposed the rustic beams of the converted 18th-century barn.

Thanks also to David and Tina for inviting me to the opening night of the show. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere with some very tasty food and drink!