I only work with natural wood mouldings, many of which I mill myself. Woods available include:
Oak, Ash, Beech, Maple, Cherry and Pine.
These can be made to any size, many profiles and treated with waxes and finishes, to provide a wide choice to suit your framing requirements.

A large selection of ready made frames are always available for standard size photos etc.

I only use the best quality mountboard and can offer enhancing features such as double mounts, deep bevel mounts and v- grooves.

From the mountboard manufacturer:
" Mountboards fully comply to FATG Conservation level. The surface and backing papers are made from chemically-treated pulp using pH sizing and lignin-free (except for Metallics which are not acid-free), and buffered with calcium carbonate to guard against contamination by air-borne acid for the life of the board. The Core is a high-quality alpha cellulose, lignin-free and bright white throughout. The adhesive is an aqueous PVA with neutral pH, plasticiser-free, and buffered with calcium carbonate"

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