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Time to be honest!

It is near the end of April 2018 and I realize it is five months since I added to my blog. The truth is, that although I would like to keep my website and blog updated more regularly, it just don't seem to happen! I am far too busy making Picture Frames! (and my other job, and beekeeping and 101 other things).
So the news is, that I will no longer strive to keep my blog updated. It may happen occasionally.
I am however, as busy with, and enthusiastic about, my framing business as ever.
It is always a pleasure to work with local artists and design with them, hand finished bespoke frames. I am currently framing canvas's for talented Alderbury artist Derek Saunders (including a landscape of the Scilly Isles pictured below).
It is always a challenge framing 3D objects. Last week I framed a London Marathon Medal. Perhaps not quite as challenging as running for 26 miles!
More soon(ish!), maybe.