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Rod Hoyle

I was fortunate when I first started trading on Romsey Market (Every Friday next to Barclays bank!) to be introduced to Local artist and professional signwriter "par excellence", Rod Hoyle. I commissioned Rod to paint me a backdrop banner for my stall. I have been really delighted with the job he did for me. His banner sets off my stall beautifully, and he has successfully captured the image I wish to convey to the public. Rod is pictured on the left at my stall including the banner he created for me.

Rod has also given me a fair bit of work to do for him. I guess he is pleased to have met a framer that can do a quality job at an affordable price! The latest piece he brought me was a charcoal drawing of a steam locomotive going over Shap Summit in Cumbria. I thought the Smoke Grey mount and black frame he chose, complemented his drawing well.